"Sorry…" He mumbled, biting his lip and looking down. He really did need to learn how to hide his emotions better. There is another nod of his head as he brings the glass up to his lips. He took a huge gulp as his eyes shifted, watching as she rubbed her forehead against his shoulder.

He could hear the shouting, but it wasn’t unusual for a couple of guys to lose their temper while they were drunk. It was London after all, what would the nightlife be without a few guys that were so pissed drunk that they had to try to show off their dominance?

While that all may be normal, Jude hadn’t been prepared to be pulled into it all. As he brought his glass up to his lips again, he was bumped into, sending his drink sloshing about, spilling over the small bar table they had been at. His brows raised and Jude turned around, about to apologize to the man, though he had done nothing wrong, when the next thing he knew he was sent sprawling onto the ground.

Jude’s eyes widened at the man who was suddenly on top of him who was pulling his fist back, ready to hit him at any moment.

Jude sputtered, not sure what to do other than try to block his face and hope that this was all over soon.

Izzy felt him be bumped into via her face on his shoulder and she straightened up, only to see Jude being pulled out of his chair. The world seemed to slow down to the span of heartbeats. He got a few good punches in, and Izzy couldn’t do anything to stop it with her reactions slowed to just a fraction slower than normal.

Her foot made contact with the mans side, rolling him off of Jude and winding him just long enough. Her thoughts proceeded her actions and before she realized what had happened she was strangling him, the man gasping for breath under her fingers that just kept pressing tighter and tighter. 

It was too late when she realized what had happened, his eyes blood shot from lack of oxygen and his body stilled. It shouldn’t have take such a short time, but she was near impossible to move when she wanted to be. For the most part everyone had just stared in horror like a car crash. She quickly got up and looked at Jude, She hadn’t meant to kill him. She had just wanted him to not hurt Jude. Sometimes the fine line between incantation and killing someone was too thin.

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Jude had been wary about leaving the house that night, but to be honest, he had been wary about going anywhere recently. He knew it was good for him. Knew that he needed some sort of social contact to keep himself sane, so with a small nod of his head he had agreed. Who knew, maybe he would enjoy himself.

He had forgotten how loud pubs were and it made him a little anxious. His first outing in months and he couldn’t help but feel like he didn’t belong. Though, to be fair, he had stopped feeling like he belonged a while ago. Glancing over at Izzy, his lips twitched into a half smile. At least she was having a good time.

Nursing his third beer of the night, he let out a small sigh, watching the drunken people around him laughing and enjoying their time. Jude glanced back over at Izzy when he heard her voice over the music and he put on his best smile, nodding his head.

"Yeah, I’m fine." He lied. He hadn’t been fine since Roman left and he had found out his parents had been keeping things from him. "Its em, its nice to get out of the flat."

"You’re the worst liar you know that. Finish off that beer and lets go dance for a little. We can head home after that, I just had to get out and we both know I can’t do that around my place any more." She took another swig of her own beer, she knew how to read Jude, unlike most people. Even Roman still gave her problems. She wrinkled her nose suddenly, she had wanted to hang out with Jude to avoid thinking about him for a bit.

She was used the noise and the crowded feeling. Bars were one of her few escapes any more. She was a big girl, she could handle a few drinks. She paused for a moment and exhaled. It seems too loud her some moments though.  She shook her head and rubbed her forehead against his shoulder, the sound of a few people yelling was normal, the music was loud enough to be felt in her chest and rattle and reverberate through her mechanical sections.

Izzy took a moment, staring down at her drink and swirling around the last few gulps. She was completely oblivious to the sound of people shouting over the music.

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I want to cosplay really cute small characters but I’m really tall and look like I’m in my twenties

The sequel written by me

I only want to cosplay male characters with broad shoulders, but i have crazy girly curves.

the trilogy

I want to cosplay but I am broke and live with my mom - the epilogue

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It was dark and stormy and Izzy didn’t happen to care at the moment. She and Jude had decided to go bar hopping, which was amusing and resulted in them getting half drenched as they made rounds. They were on their.. Third? No fourth bar. Izzy had asked Jude for a night out, to get smashed ans sleep on his couch, or cuddle with him. She didn’t happen to care either way, how the night ended wasn’t important to her.

Every now and again Jude just knew when not to ask questions. He’d agreed to show her some of his favorite spots around and just relax for a night. She had had a few beers and had a happy buzz going on. She had leaned on Jude’s shoulder and smiled at him.

"Thank you for this, it’s nice to just got out and relax every now and again. Are you sure that you are okay with this?"