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Darcy’s shoulder tensed up slightly and a shiver ran up her spine at the feeling of fingers running through her long curly brunette hair. She was a little caught off guard, but that didn’t stop her from leaning into the touch. Damn those magical hands.  She slowly snapped out of the relax vacation she’d just been in. She looked over her shoulder at the stranger. “What are you doing?” She asked quirking an eyebrow.

"Trying to figure out what you use on your hair to get it looking and feeling this soft." She grinned a bit and sheepishly removed her fingers from her scalp "You’ve been walking in front of me for  a while now and I couldn’t help myself."

was tempted to reply wiht this with Mew! Izzy XD

My biggest fear

                        is that eventually

                                                  y o u  will see  m e

                                                                                   the way  I  see  m y s e l f 

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